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KRO Guest's - Private Access Water

Catch & Release. Flies & Artificial Lures Only w/Single Barbless Hook.

Thick and healthy football shaped Native Westslope Cutthroats and Redband Rainbows, Browns, Brookies, as well as endangered Bull Trout inhabit this water. 10" - 18" fish are typical with some topping the 20" mark. A good bit of stealth and precise accurate casting are essential to fool these native and wary fish. This is not beginner water. It is spring creek fed and gin clear. Pool after pool, log jambs, riffles, tall grass with undercut banks define this water. Incredible views along with some of the most beautiful water one can find anywhere make this a unique and memorable place. With more than 2 miles of water flowing through our property and breathtaking scenery in every direction this is a true gem. Many days we also share the stream with the local wildlife. Moose and Deer are common along with the occasional Bear. Most days our resident Eagles will do a fly by too.



This is strictly walk / wade water. It is as nature has formed it and we intend on keeping it that way. Many log jambs, dead falls and sweepers make floating impossible. But for those willing to put forth some effort wading you will be rewarded.

Lake Creek Montana



The water (Lake Creek) is situated at the top of the Bull Lake / Lake Creek watershed and is open year round. Spring time April - July is prime time on it. Depending on conditions it continues to produce great fishing until Oct. Lower water will drive the fish back into the lake as the season progresses. However some of the bigger resident fish do remain in the stream. When the early season run off has the Koot "blown out" our ranch water and other surrounding tributaries offer some of the best fishing to be had anywhere. Blizzard like hatches of Caddis occur here starting in April. Big fish move into the stream from the lake to gorge themselves on fry and other bait fish after a long winter. The season kicks off with Salmonfly's, Golden Stones, Green and Gray Drake's. We also see hatches of Baetis, PMD's, March Browns, Mahogany Duns, Little Blue Quills and Midges. In the summer early morning or evenings produce the best bugs, as well as the best time to be on the water. But a well placed fly any time of day will routinely take fish. So be ready to throw some streamers and skirt some caddis. Ants, hoppers, PMX's, Big Bugs, etc are staples as the weather warms.


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