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Montana Camping

Camping in NW Montana

Are you looking for a place to set up camp for a while? Well Northwest Montana has limitless opportunities for the tent and RV campers. This area is literally millions of acres of
National Forest and Wilderness.

Experience the clean mountain air and stunning vistas. Relax around the campfire at night while you listen to a distant coyote howl. Gaze at the stars at night away from the light pollution of any population centers and see the spiral arm of the milky way. On the right nights you can even see the space station fly over head! (Yes...Really)

For either tent or RV camper there are numerous Forest Service sites scattered through out the area. No matter what you are looking for it probably exists. Want to camp by a lake? It's here. How about river side? Got it. Some are pull through's easily accessed by even the biggest rig while others are better suited toward a 4x4.

If you'll be fishing with us there are some sites we recommend over others as we can easily pick you up and drop you off so as to not have to worry about setting up and tearing down each day. Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Here is a list of our maps with some favorite sites that can be of assistance.

Here is a complete Kootenai Forest Service clickable campsite map.

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