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Airport Information

There are 3 airports to consider when planning your trip up here. Kalispell and Missoula MT, or Spokane WA. They all have their pros and cons. Major airlines service all of them with non-stops from the following metro areas :

Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, Boise, Oakland, and Minneapolis.

Even from the farthest reaches of the country you can almost always get here within an easy days itinerary. 95% of folks can get to one of our arrival airports with one stop or less.

All of the airports have car rental services. You will not need a 4x4 vehicle unless you want to do some serious exploring.

Kalispell - Montana - Glacier Intl - FCA - 2 hour drive to KRO. This is our favorite place to fly in and out of. Small airport, no puddle jumpers though...real jets, friendly TSA, quick to get through and easy in and out parking. Great choice if you're going to be exploring Glacier National Park too. A very scenic drive to and from the airport and in 20 minutes you've left civilization behind. The only down side is that airfare is generally more expensive here.

Kalispell along with Whitefish and Columbia Falls make up the Flathead valley and the gateway to Glacier Natl Park. You will find plenty of amenities here including great restaurants, hotels, etc.

Missoula - Montana - MSO - 3 hour drive to KRO. This is another great option especially for those that want to fish the Missoula area too. Again, smaller airport but real jets, friendly TSA, quick and easy to get through and easy in and out parking. Also a very scenic drive to KRO and you will be out of town and away from civilization in short time. But as above, airfare is generally more expensive.

Missoula is a city of roughly 60,000 people and you will find good restaurants, hotels, etc. It is also a fly fishing mecca with some of the worlds most famous waters close by.

Spokane - Washington - GEG - 3 hour drive to KRO. Spokane is....well....a city. And though the airport itself is on the smaller side we have found the TSA to be less than stellar in the social skills department. Parking is OK though. Probably the biggest down side is that you will be dealing with traffic and not be in a very scenic environment for the first half or so of your drive to KRO. The last half is quite scenic though from Sandpoint Idaho until you arrive here.

That being said the biggest benefit is the airfare. Flights to Spokane are almost always considerably less expensive than either Kalispell or Missoula.

If you'd like any more info please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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