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The Kootenai River valley and surrounding area has an abundant amount of water. There are endless opportunities for water recreation in Northwest Montana. If you're looking for a great way to get out on it we have you covered. Spend a day or two on the Kootenai, float one of the area streams. You'll be glad you did!

We have quality 14' - 15' ( 6 - 8 person ) Self Bailing Rafts with or without fishing frames, and pro guide Drift Boats for rent for use on the Kootenai and surrounding waters.

One and two person hard shell Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards are available to rent for use on Bull Lake only.

Our self guided rentals are great for:

  • Those wanting to fish on their own without a guide.
  • Spending on day or two on the home water.
  • Seeing the Kootenai River at your own pace.
  • Overnite camping at a remote spot on a river or lake.
  • Family and friend get together's.
  • Exploring one of the many area lakes.
  • Wildlife viewing and photography.
  • Folks just passing through the area.

Prime season in Montana for watercraft rentals is May through October but rentals can be arranged any time of the year. Just make sure to contact us ahead of time to for reservations and to set things up.

The Kootenai River has many miles of easily navigated water that are no problem even for the most inexperienced rower. However there are certain sections that should be given their due. Be sure to know your water and where you are heading before you do. Our map section offers a lot of valuable insight, but when in doubt, ask us, we'll be happy to help.

All rentals are by reservation. Please call ahead of time. For rental rates see here.

For detailed rental procedures see the rental agreement here and the liability release here.

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