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Welcome to our maps page

If you would like a quick Google fix of where we are, here it is.

A little disclaimer, the maps below are for general recreational knowledge and are NOT intended to show every last aspect of the waters and trails in their coverage. Floating rivers and hiking the wilderness has inherent dangers. While we've tried to include any pertinent info such as rapids, falls, river mileage, campsites, obscure trails etc...we obviously can't cover them all. Please heed the warnings where given. Rivers are ever changing wild environments. Trails have a tendency to disappear over time. Know your limits and when in doubt..... don't do it. We're happy to answer any questions you may have before you head out. Use these maps at your own discretion.

Kootenai River Access Maps starting from the top:

Yaak, Bull River, Mountain Lakes, Trails, and Campsite Maps:

There are many more lakes, trails and high peaks in the Cabinets, Yaak, and Scotchmans than those shown in the maps above. They are just a few of the places that we suggest you explore.

The book "Trails of the Wild Cabinets" is a terrific resource and highly recommended.

If you're a map junkie like so many of us we highly suggest Delormes' paper Gazetteers, Software Topos and or Xmap, and hand held GPS's. We use them extensively and they are invaluable tools for exploring this area.

If you're exploring on foot the KNF has a fairly updated and useful paper map here.

If you're heading into the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness the KNF paper map of the CMW is a bit dated but none the less a valuable tool and a must have.

We recommend buying them on line or through the mail before hand as the local ranger stations don't always have them in stock.

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